What we do

Grow skills & capacity

Workshops and training for organisations

We scope, design and deliver training solutions for organisations, groups and communities.

We specialise in:

  • Facilitation/human skills - sharing core facilitation skills and practices - supporting people and organisations to identify, refine and regenerate the practices and tools they are already using
  • Practical skills for conflict transformation - sharing practical tools and strategies for understanding and responding to conflict behaviours, as well as leading edge perspectives and practices on how conflict works and what to do about it
  • Communication practices - sharing foundational tools and skills for interpersonal communication - from listening and responding, to sharing development feedback, and building resilient relationships

All of our training solutions are:

  • Experiential, practical learning environments
  • Focused on sharing leading edge theory and practice
  • Designed to deliver clear, precise outcomes for the people attending

We tailor every workshop to the needs of the people who are attending and the organisation(s) that are hosting it. Get in touch to discuss your needs.

Courses and skills development

Each year, we offer a range of public courses and practical development opportunities. To see what courses are currently scheduled, visit ‘Upcoming courses’.

If you’d like us to run a course or training on a specific area, please let us know!

Professional supervision

If you’re looking for longer-term support for your professional growth and development, you may want to consider professional supervision. Professional supervision is an ongoing relationship, ideally external to your organisation, that asks the question: how super is your vision or how well do you see the work you do?

Tim provides supervision to practitioners who feel they have an alignment with his skills and professional experience. These practitioners have come from backgrounds as diverse as community development, facilitation and mediation, agile coaching, and local government. He also provides group supervision for organisations and community groups.

To learn more about supervision, visit the page on ‘Professional supervision’.

Provide direct support for communication & conflict

Mediation and collaborative conflict processes

Moments of change, challenge and conflict are powerful opportunities for us to learn and grow together. Mediation is one well-known form of the work needed to respond to conflict - it is a confidential, structured space where participants collaboratively work to shift how they interact with each other.

There are many other collaborative conflict processes which can provide the appropriate structure for this process of learning and growth. Reframe’s practitioners specialise in designing and facilitating inclusive processes within highly complex spaces and relationships – and in particular where there are complex, intersecting interests and needs. We provide responsive and clear support that helps the people we work with work out what they want to do – and how they’ll do it.

We work primarily from the Insight Approach and the Conflict Transformation approaches to conflict. These forms enable effective, enough-structured navigation of the highly complex webs of relational and affective complexities that work together to create conflicts.

Our practitioners are most passionate about working with organisations and groups that are focused on making change or social impact – such as social good business and social enterprises, local and central government, not for profit, and community. They have worked across most scales of practice and intensity – from community conflicts and disputes to family and workplace mediations; from founder conflicts within social enterprises to contractual disputes between community service providers and government. We provide support both as individual practitioners and in partnership with other practitioners and collaborators. If we feel that we aren’t the best fit for working with you, we’ll do our best to recommend other practitioners who can help.

Do you need a mediator or support with a conflict? Reach out for an initial conversation.

Conflict and communication coaching

Conflict happens between us – but it begins with us as individuals. Conflict and communication coaching is a tool and an opportunity to reflect on your own experience of conflict – both of your experiences of others behaviours and ways of being, and of your own.

This approach focuses on building your skill and capacity to constructively respond to conflicts. You’ll work one-on-one with a skilled practitioner to unpack and better understand your experiences of conflict – and to develop specifics approaches, tools and strategies to understand, respond to and engage with complex and/or conflict behaviours.

Conflict coaching is most useful in situations where group processes (such as mediation or facilitation) are not appropriate or available. It can help you process experiences and explore how to respond to someone else’s behaviours – and gain insights that will help you decide what to do.

Are you interested in accessing (or supporting someone else to access) conflict and communication coaching? Click here to talk to us.

Strategic facilitation

Facilitation means ‘to make easier’ – and strategic facilitation is about making it easier for your organisation to make decisions. We’ll listen to your needs and design an approach that is both cost- and time-effective – and achieves the collective thinking and collaborative decision-making that your team needs to do.

We specialise in making complex processes easy and accessible – and we regularly receive positive feedback about the clarity and effectiveness of our strategic sessions. From reviews and refreshes of strategic goals, to developing theories of change, to supporting the development of implementation and operational plans – we can help provide the constructive, collaborative space that your group needs.

Thinking of bringing in a facilitator for your next strategic session? Click here to organise a free consult with us.

Partnership brokering

Partnerships are often the key to building responses to complex challenges – and they require careful intentional support, just like any other relationship. Partnership brokering is the process of supporting and strengthening partnerships – supporting the partners to building their partnerships through innovative and skilled management of collaborative processes.

We provide support to build, strengthen and clarify partnerships. We primarily work alongside professionals within organisations who are working on or supporting partnerships – and deliver specialised workshops and support that enables the partnerships to best achieve the outcomes and impact they are striving for.

Does your organisation want to build stronger, more effective partnerships? We’d love to support you – click here to get in touch with us.

Design & deliver projects & initiatives that transform social relations

We believe that social change comes through good conversations and positive social connections – so, we design and facilitate initiatives and projects that intentionally build community resilience and grow capacity for communication, conflict and connectedness. We also provide support and advise for people and organisations running or interested in setting up similar projects and initiatives.

The most recent piece of work Reframe founded and led was Wellington Conversations | Kia whai take i Pōneke. Wellington Conversations was a pilot project that ran from the start of August 2019 to its conclusion at the end of February 2020, and was run in partnership with Wellington City Council and a whole range of local organisations. The project aimed to build individual, local and city-wide connectedness through facilitated conversations. It trained and developed a network of over 90 volunteer facilitators that were spread across the city running events regularly in teams at local cafes and community venues.

You can read the final report for the project here.