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Projects and partnerships

Creating a better world takes all of us - and sometimes delivering a project or building partnerships can become overwhelming.

To deliver the impact you’re aiming for, you need clarity about your project’s purpose, and a strong, high-trust team to deliver it.  

The partnerships you and your organisation need to succeed can be transformative. Clarity and trust are often just a conversation away.

We can help you:

Refine your project’s purpose, impact and outcomes - your theory of change
Build the collaborative practices and culture your project team need to successfully deliver
Grow your capacity to partner effectively so you can work together more easily and sustainably with other organisations
Set up clear agreements and social contracts in your team and within your partnerships, and support them with reviews and health checks

Feedback and testimonials

From our clients

‘Prior to mediation, the two parties were in a position where the partnership we had entered was about to fall over due to inability of the parties to agree on the terms of the contract. Post mediation with Tim Foote, the partnership has flourished.’
in a mediation about a public/private partnership
‘I felt privileged to have been part of Wellington Conversations. It was a thoughtfully considered, well executed, sensitive, inclusive, dynamic project.’
Volunteer conversation facilitator
Wellington Conversations | Kia whai take i Pōneke

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We believe conversations create change. So we make our time available for free, no-obligation conversations with people we can help. You can book up to an hour with us.

Your time matters. You'll be understood, heard, and you will walk away with more clarity on what to do next.

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