What we do


Your organisation’s success and impact relies on the quality of your team's relationships: with each other, and with the people you work with.

The more your ways of working line up with your purpose, the easier it will be for your work to flow into impact and outcomes. 

With your team's relationships working smoothly, you can scale your impact and achieve your overall mission.

We can help you:

Create an action plan to get your collective ways of working in order
Find the communication tools and practices you need
Support your staff to self-manage - so they’ll know how to work effectively with others (and alone)
Build the infrastructure you need to grow and scale your impact

Feedback and testimonials

From our clients

‘Tim ran a full-day training on facilitation skills for our volunteers. He really listened to our organisation’s needs and context when designing the training, and we found the combination of theory and practice to be a great way to break down a big topic.’
Tabby Besley
CEO – InsideOut Koāro
‘The facilitator was incredibly professional, calm and neutral. He had a great amount of empathy for the matter involved yet was able to assist in removing the emotion out of the topics discussed.‘
in a workplace facilitation

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We believe conversations create change. So we make our time available for free, no-obligation conversations with people we can help. You can book up to an hour with us.

Your time matters. You'll be understood, heard, and you will walk away with more clarity on what to do next.

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