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Conflict work

Sometimes you can’t do it yourself. You’ve tried everything to improve the situation or fix the relationship - but you’re not making progress anymore. You’re probably feeling frustrated, powerless, stuck.

You can shift out of conflict. You can work out what you need to do, and decide how you’ll do it. You can rebuild or redefine relationships. Things can be easier and start to flow again.

With the right support, you and your organisation can learn and grow through challenges to become more resilient.

We can help you:

Understand conflict and demystify its solutions
Transform conflicts into learning opportunities for everyone involved
Hear different points of view and understand where they’re coming from
Pick up the knowledge that’s flowing out of these moments and make your relationships and organisation more resilient

Feedback and testimonials

From our clients

‘Prior to mediation, the two parties were in a position where the partnership we had entered was about to fall over due to inability of the parties to agree on the terms of the contract. Post mediation with Tim Foote, the partnership has flourished.’
in a mediation about a public/private partnership
‘I felt really comfortable with Tim and that he had fostered a safe environment for me to share my views during mediation. He managed to guide the conversation effectively so that progress continued to be made, recognising when either party needed a break, and addressed any problems that arose quickly so that nothing escalated into an argument.’
in a family mediation

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Your time matters. You'll be understood, heard, and you will walk away with more clarity on what to do next.

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