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Professional supervision

Professional supervision is a professional, reflective relationship – where the supervisor and practitioner (or in some cases a group of practitioners) work together in regular sessions to support the practitioner’s work and experience of their work.  

The impacts of supervision are clear: the practitioner is supported to continuously develop and deepen their professional practice - improve the quality of and their satisfaction with their work - and make sure that they’re on track. Supervision also attends to relationships and ways of working, and supports the practitioner to ensure that their needs are met within these relationships – as well as those of their colleagues and clients.

Supervision sessions are practitioner-led (meaning the structure is guided by what the practitioner (or practitioners) brings to a session) and responsive to the practitioner’s needs. So each session may include elements of coaching, planning, debriefing, ethical and practice-focused discussions – amongst others – as required and needed. The approach to supervision may also change as the needs of the practitioner (or practitioners) change – and depending on what they are bringing to each session.

Tim provides supervision to practitioners who feel they have an alignment with his skills and professional experience. These practitioners have come from backgrounds as diverse as community development, facilitation and mediation, agile coaching, advocacy, and local government. He also provides group supervision for organisations and community groups.

If you think your team or organisation would benefit from working with Tim, or you are interested in working with Tim in supervision, get in touch.