About Reframe


Our vision is of an Aotearoa New Zealand where everyone has the communication skills and tools they need to have great connections and relationships with others. Each and every person, group and system (from individual citizens, community groups, and hāpū, to business, corporates, and government departments) will have the capacity to have good conversations, communicate through conflict, and grow through their relationships - and be able to easily access professional support when they need it.

Mission & purpose

Our mission is to help people, groups and systems get better at communication, conflict transformation and connectedness - and in doing so, build the capacity of Aotearoa New Zealand to communicate and connect.

We’ll achieve this by collaboratively designing and sharing innovative, ethical solutions that respond to the problems and needs we learn about and are asked to work with - and ensuring that every piece of work we do grows the long-term capacity and sustainability of those involved.

How we work

We focus on empowering individuals, organisations and communities to do as much as they can themselves - to learn, develop and grow with agency and autonomy. We believe in the capacity and potential of people - that we do best when we have meaningful control and input into our lives and decisions that affect us.

This means we will offer capacity development and skills first, and interventions and formal processes second. If we provide a formal process (such as a facilitation or a mediation), we’ll ensure that it includes elements and experiences which build the capacity of the people participating in it.

We do this because we believe that people and collectives build their own capacity and resilience when they can constructively self-manage conflicts and communication issues. They become better able to learn from and respond to complex experiences. However, sometimes things do get too complex – and it’s really important to feel good about asking for help.

We also believe deeply in human-centred practices - that each person (and collective) knows their own world and experience better than anyone else. We’ll begin by listening to you, and then collaboratively design our work and approach with you - making sure all of our contributions (our time, energy and resources) are used as effectively as possible.